50 Years Of Expertise

Celebrating 50 years in business, Ken Robbins is a true pioneer in the cinema entertainment industry. Ken’s vision and drive led him to establish the first of the companies that would eventually become the Robbins Group of Companies. His passion for technical services, coupled with his commitment to innovation and quality, has enabled the Robbins family business to grow and evolve over the years. Ken’s son Neil joined the business, and together they have built an impressive legacy, serving clients in Australia, Papua New Guinea, and the Pacific Islands.

The Robbins family’s journey began with Entertainment Services Pty Ltd, which offered technical services to independently owned cinemas. Their success in the independent cinema exhibition industry soon attracted the interest of major equipment manufacturers, and Entertainment Services became Australia’s second-largest cinema equipment supplier and service provider. The family then saw an opportunity to expand their business by entering the cinema exhibition industry themselves, the Robbins family’s commitment to quality and innovation remains unchanged. Ken’s legacy is an inspiration to the entertainment industry, and we congratulate him on 50 years of outstanding service and leadership.

1987 Cinema Exhibition Industry

In 1987, the Robbins family saw an opportunity to expand their business by entering the cinema exhibition industry themselves. They operated three drive-in cinemas and operated normal cinemas, as well as managing cinemas on behalf of Local Government Councils. This move brought them into the live performance arena and allowed them to fit out live theatres with large fire-retarded curtains, masking, scene cloths, stage lighting, sophisticated audio systems, and stage machinery. They also heavily programmed live content, which opened up the opportunity for them to install and service large-screened IMAX theatres globally.

During this period, the Robbins family opened their Bangkok office to better serve their offshore IMAX venues. They also carried out some very one-off IMAX premier presentations in high-profile locations, such as the Vienna Opera House and the Theatre of the Eiffel Tower. The Robbins family operated the IMAX (Omnimax format, i.e., planetarium dome presentation) in Townsville, Queensland, for the entire life of that site. Their involvement in the IMAX market led them to become a major supplier of technical services to the industry.

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2018 Exit from Commercial Cinema

With the groups exit from commercial cinema in 2018 due to competition from streaming and other alternative entertainment, We still perform auditorium works in existing cinemas with curtains, maskings, screens, cleaning, and fire retarding of drapery alongside new IMAX projects across 38 countries.

Trend Shield Australia Pty Ltd was formed in 2006 to provide the maintenance of the Robbins family’s commercial curtain operation of manufacture, installation, and maintenance, using large quantities of fire retardant. The company’s product trade name is Fire Defender, and it manufactures the majority of various products covering fabrics, timber used in construction, commercial buildings, public venues, aviation, and marine.

2007 Macrosphere Was Formed

In 2007, Macrosphere Pty Ltd was formed to service the growth in the education arena. The Queensland State Government embarked on a major building and upgrade of schools to accommodate the migratory population into Queensland, as well as normal growth. This growth was reflected also in the private education arena, especially the Church-based education organizations.

The Robbins family’s involvement in this market includes technical fit-out of these buildings covering several areas, such as performing arts, classrooms, automated bell systems, and exterior public address systems.

“I wouldn’t change a thing about my 50 years in business. Every challenge, every success, every moment of hard work has brought me to where I am today, and I am proud of everything the Robbins Group of Companies has accomplished.”
Quote: Ken Robbins May 2023

Ken Robbins passed the torch to his successors Neil and Margaret Robbins many years ago but remains active.
Neil and Margaret have been working in the company since their teenage years, their expertise and experience have been invaluable in ensuring that the company has been able to deliver top-quality services to its clients.

Ken Robbins is confident that Neil and Margaret will continue to lead the company successfully and build on the legacy that he has established over the past 50 years.

With Neil’s and Margarets technical expertise and business acumen, the company is in good hands, and Ken is excited to continue to see the new heights that they take the business to each year.

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